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The Official Saucer King Game Set is here! Now you can sauce pucks at the beach, the cottage, tailgating, or anywhere else you want with this all-in-one Saucer King kit in collaboration with Puck Catcher. So get those cams fired up and show the world who the saucer king is! Take your sauce game to a whole new level! Available now for $229 CAD, free shipping.


About us

We are the inventors of the Puck Catcher and owners of Saucer King. Our high quality proudly made in Canada Puck Catcher quickly became a must for coaches and also proved to be the perfect component for the creation of sauce games. Like all great products the Puck Catcher net has long been a target for companies looking to imitate with cheap offshore knock offs. There are a few choices when shopping for saucer pass games but there is only one Saucer King! Owned and operated by Puck Catcher Inc. - the product that started it all!