How To Become The Saucer King

Setting Up Your Game

  • Set up the nets at your desired length apart. The standard is to place the nets 20 feet apart, though you can adjust the difficulty of your games by placing them closer or farther apart.
  • Place the shooting boards directly in front of the nets.
  • Give each team/player 2-5 pucks.
  • Give each player their own hockey stick. 

How To Play

There are many games that you can play with Saucer King. Here's two of our favourites!


  • Can be played 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or solo.
  • This game is played to either 11 or 21 earned points. The first team/player that reaches 11 or 21 earned points is The Saucer King!
  • Each saucer pass can score either 1 point or 3 points. 
    • 1 point is scored when the saucer pass hits the shooting board before entering the net.
    • 3 points are scored when the saucer pass enters the net without hitting the shooting board or any other surface. 
  • Each team takes turns shooting saucer passes from their shooting board into the opposing net.
  • Points are awarded at the end of each round. Each team counts up their points at the end of each round. The team with the higher amount of points is awarded the difference in earned points. For example, if Team A has 3 points and Team B has 5 points at the end of the round, Team B is awarded 2 earned points for that round and Team A is awarded 0 earned points. 
  • If the attempted saucer pass hits, rolls, touches or skips before reaching the opposing shooting board, then no points are awarded. 
  • You can increase the difficulty of the game by placing the goals farther apart or adding obstacles between the two shooting boards.

 H.O.R.S.E. (aka S.A.U.C.E.)

  1. This game is played head to head between at least 2 players. 
  2. First create an order for the players. This can be done by alphabetical order, oldest to youngest, youngest to oldest, or any other method that you choose. 
  3. Set up your shot. The first player then places the nets, shooting boards and obstacles in their desired locations.
  4. That player must verbally call out what shot they are going to take.
  5. If that called shot is missed, that player is assigned the letter S.
  6. If that called shot is made, the other players have to make the same shot or they are assigned the letter S.
  7. After each player attempts that same shot. The next player in order will set up and call their shot. 
  8. Once a player has been assigned the letters S - A - U - C - E they are out of the game.
  9. The last player standing is The Saucer King!